Small Groups

  • Sunday Morning woman's small group | 9:00am & 10:30am

    *led by donja schindler & carol meadows

    In this 7-session, in-depth study of the Book of Numbers and God’s people. Discover how even when they rebelled—and this book tells of many rebellions—God’s love and promises remained. It’s in that love and those promises the children of Israel found their identity and where we must find ours today.

  • sunday morning Men's SMALL GROUP  |  9:00AM

    *Led by matt clark

    With Kingdom Man as your guide, you will learn to:

    • Leave the past behind: learn from yesterday but not live in it
    • Embrace prayer as your primary weapon of warfare
    • Align yourself with God’s prescription for kingdom manhood
    • Confidently and compassionately express your authority within your domain
    • Remember your call to greatness

  • sunday morning small group  |  10:30am

    *Led by Tom Budd & Phil Himes

    Studying the Book of Matthew.